Henry Taunt

Henry Taunt (1842-1922) was a famous Oxford photographer whose collection of negatives, prints and other material was bought by Oxford City Library in 1924-5.

Key Facts

  • Size: 14,000 images
  • Coverage: Oxford and Oxfordshire plus Thames-side counties, from source to sea
  • Date range: about 1860-1922
Henry Taunt’s shop, Broad Street, Oxford, 1874-1894

The Taunt story

A series of online galleries depicting Henry Taunt's life through his images.

Henry Taunt  with his horse and dog behind his house Rivera, Cowley Road, Oxford, 1910

Taunt’s printed and manuscript works

Taunt wrote for pleasure and also for profit, passing on his enthusiasm and widening the market for his photographs

Extract from typescript of a Taunt Oxfordshire guide book

Other places to find Taunt photographs

  • Oxfordshire History Centre retains Taunt’s original prints but his surviving glass plate negatives are now held in the Historic England Archives in Swindon. The two collections have been ‘virtually’ reunited as a result of a joint digitisation project funded by the New Opportunities Fund.
  • Photographs from the Taunt collection can also be seen on the Historic England website.