Other Collections

Beyond the more famous names of Taunt, Packer and Thomas, Picture Oxon holds many different photographic collections at Oxfordshire History Centre.

Abingdon Museum

About 1880—1930s

1,000 images

Images of Abingdon and surrounding villages.

A man dealing with a bundle of jute strips at the Abingdon Carpet Company, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Cyril Arapoff


5,000 images

Images of people, especially those connected with Oxford University and Spanish Civil War refugees, taken between 1933 and 1939.

Portrait of unknown man, sitting in armchair reading a newspaper, 1933-1939

Banbury Museum

About 1880—1980s

3,000 images

Images of Banbury and Banburyshire.

Includes the work of local photographers such as B.R. Morland and L.W. Bartlett.

Twyford Tea Gardens, Adderbury, Oxfordshire

K.R.S. Brooks


1,300 images

Colour transparencies of Banbury buildings, street scenes and events.

Bird's factory site, Banbury, Oxfordshire, 1964

Dr A.H. Church


1,300 images

Views of Oxford and the surrounding area by botanist and amateur photographer, Arthur Harry Church.

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Lower Fisher Row, Oxford, beside Castle Mill Stream - people outside the houses, 1927

Julian Comrie


2,000 images

Beautiful colour images of buildings and scenes from towns and villages across Oxfordshire

The images were first published in the book, ‘Oxfordshire: a county in colour’, by Malcolm Graham and Julian Comrie.

Kirtlington, Oxfordshire, 2003

Harold Crawley


2,500 images

Images recording Oxford streets in the 1960s.

Crawley was a leading member of Oxford Photographic Society in his time.

Botley West Way (North), Oxford, looking East, inc. Hartford Motors, 1967

Robert Crickmay


7,600 images

Images of Oxfordshire and other counties of southern England, largely taken by local historian, Bob Crickmay.

More than 5,000 images focus on the village of his birth, Sandford-on-Thames.

The Fox Inn, Sandford on Thames. Morris Minor 1000 parked outside. 1950-1959

Frederick John Hall


300 picturesque images of Oxford and some Oxfordshire villages.

Hall spent his working life at the Oxford University Press. Off-duty, he was a keen amateur photographer and recorded the outings and holidays of his family, boating on the river, rambling in the Oxfordshire countryside and enjoying the freedom of the roads as cyclists.

Boating on the Thames on August Bank Holiday, 1894

Arthur Jones


3,000 images

Images of Banbury and surrounding area, including Oxford Canal and Banbury Fair.

Dodgems at Banbury Fair, Oxfordshire

Helen Muspratt


1,200 images

Images of well-known Oxford people taken by Ramsey and Muspratt, an Oxford photographic business.

Frank Packenham (Lord Longford), 1945

Newsquest Oxfordshire Ltd

About 1930—2000

30,000 images

Images from the newspaper library of the Oxford Mail and Times.

Includes pictures of local people, scenes and events.

The fire brigade attending a fire at BBC Radio Oxford, Summertown, Oxford, 1971

Oxford Journal Illustrated


18,000 images

Images from the pages of the Oxford Journal Illustrated newspaper. With the original negatives or prints long since lost, these newsprint images present a valuable social record of the county from before, during and after the First World War, with many images of individual soldiers.

Oxford, World War I - Women Ticket Collectors, 1915

Oxfordshire County Council Malcolm Graham


10,000 images

Images recording historic buildings and change in Oxford and Oxfordshire since 1970.

Rebuilt railway station with diesel multiple unit at platform, Chinnor, Oxfordshire, 2001

Oxfordshire County Council John Knight


30,000 images

Images of local events and County services taken by Oxfordshire County Council's official photographer between the 1960s and the early 1990s.

Blackthorn Primary School, Oxfordshire, children working in classroom, 1967

W. Parker

Around 1911

200 images

Lantern slides created to support illustrated lectures on the River Thames.

See also Thames Pilot, an online collection of images and documents charting the history of the River Thames, from source to sea.

86a slide in series showing a Thames Conservancy barge dredging just above Hurley Lock, Hurley, Berkshire, 1911

John Peacock

About 1972—1994

5,000 images

Images including copies of old photographs and the recording of change in Oxford and Oxfordshire.

Rover works, Cowley, Oxford

Pressed Steel


1,000 images

Images of manufacturing processes and social activities at the Pressed Steel Company, Cowley.

Shipment of finished Hillman Minx bodies to Coventry by car transporter YFC 720 from Pressed Steel Company Ltd., Cowley works, Oxford, 1959

Basil Savage

About 1935—1955

18,000 images

Images of Oxford, including local scenes, wedding groups and the varied work of a local commercial photographer.

Looking along the High Street, Oxford, north side from Webbers to All Saints - [client: Webbers (Oxford) Ltd., Drapers and Milliners], 1925-35

Ian Taylor


5,000 images

Images of Oxford and Oxfordshire, including 1,200 images relating to the City of Oxford High School for Boys.

Buildings on the corner of New Inn Hall Street and George Street, Oxford, next to the former City of Oxford High School for Boys

Laurence Waters


1,600 images

Images of Oxford city and suburban buildings and street scenes.

High Street looking west past Queen's College, Oxford, 1996