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Picture Oxon includes our catalogue of 5,000 oral history recording.

Picture Oxon allows you to search for any subject, place or name in the catalogue records - e.g. evacuees, ethnic minorities, morris dancing, East Hanney, Lord Nuffield.

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Listen to short extracts from some of our recordings by following the links below.

The role of the pianist in the silent cinema
(.mp3 format, 609Kb, 1m:02s)
Electra Palace Cinema, Queen Street, Oxford The Cutteslowe Walls - 'a social blasphemy'
(.mp3 format, 1.1Mb, 1m:46s)
The Cutteslowe Walls, Oxford
Francis Shergold, squire of Bampton Morris
(.mp3 format, 1.63Mb, 2m:51s)
Bampton Morris, Bampton Contrasting styles of two Oxford Mail reviewers
(.mp3 format, 976Kb, 1m:39s)
Boatman Paul Hubbucks punting Don Chapman, journalist, down the River Thames to Osney Mead
Piecework at Cowley
(.mp3 format, 1.77Mb, 3m:06s)
Piecework at Cowley, Oxford May day memories
(.mp3 format, 1.2Mb, 2m:06s)
Children dancing around a maypole outside The Red Lion Inn, Hook Norton, 1938
Fish and chips in winter, ice cream in summer
(.mp3 format, 1.52Mb, 2m:40s)
Fish and chips in winter, ice cream in the summer Making a wheel the old-fashioned way
(.mp3 format, 931Kb, 1m:35s)
The farm and workshop of S.W. Smith, Carpenter, Wheelwright and Undertaker, 1905
War-time rationing
(.mp3 format, 1.32Mb, 2m:18s)
War-time rationing Life on the canals (.mp3 format, 1.39Mb, 2m:26s)
Upsetting the ice-boat(.mp3 format, 1.1Mb, 1m:56s)
Life on the canals
Cattle breaking shop windows in Banbury
(.mp3 format, 962Kb, 1m:38s)
Cattle breaking shop windows in Banbury, Oxfordshire Assessing Billy Morris's temper
(.mp3 format, 630Kb, 1m:04s)
Assessing Billy Morris's temper
Up Headington Hill by 'The Rocket'
(.mp3 format, 923Kb, 1m:34s)
Up Headington Hill, Oxford, by 'The Rocket' When petrol was less than 4d a gallon
(.mp3 format, 1.85Mb, 3m:14s)
When petrol was less than 4d a gallon
The fears of war-time evacuees
(.mp3 format, 580Kb, 0m:59s)
The fear of war-time evacuees Suffragette in prison for knocking on a door
(.mp3 format, 1.15Mb, 2m:01s)
Suffragette in prison for knocking on a door