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Order Copies

How to order copies of recordings from the Oral History archive.

Ordering Copies

To order a copy of an oral history sound recording, please contact us, and we will email you a personally tailored order form.

Order forms can be completed on-screen and returned by email. Please check our Charges page for current charges; payment can be made electronically by PayPal.

Copies of recordings are charged per 5 files supplied, as either:

  1. WAV format files burned to CD-R, including postage and packing
  2. Conversion to MP3 format on demand, and made available for download via a private file share.

Please allow 10 working days for copies to be made.


Can I order copies of any recordings? Are there any restrictions?

Oxfordshire County Council sound recordings

  • You can buy copies of Oxfordshire County Council sound recordings unless the interviewee has withdrawn consent.

BBC Radio Oxford recordings

  • You can buy copies of Radio Oxford recordings for private study or educational use, but not for commercial use.

Other sound recordings (published)

  • You can only buy copies of a reasonable proportion of other published sound recordings, unless you have obtained written permission from the copyright owner to copy more.

Other sound recordings (unpublished)

  • You can buy copies of all or part of other unpublished sound recordings, provided copying hasn’t been prohibited by the copyright owner.

Video recordings

  • We are unable to provide copies of any video recordings.