Can you help us improve Oxfordshire History Centre’s image collections?

Adding information

Can you offer corrections or additions to information about the images in Picture Oxon?

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Giving your time

Can you help extend the coverage of Picture Oxon and help put more images online?

  • Take pictures of your changing community and add them to Picture Oxon
  • Volunteer your time to help us digitise and catalogue uncatalogued image collections at Oxfordshire History Centre

Contact us for advice about giving your time

Donating images

We are always on the look out for photographs and prints of Oxfordshire to add to Picture Oxon. Here are some ways in which you can help us make Picture Oxon even better:

  • Do you have Oxfordshire photographs which you can donate, or lend for copying?
  • Do you know about collections of old photographs which may otherwise be lost to posterity?

If you would like to donate material, here are some points to consider:

  • All donated images should either be out of copyright or we should have your written permission to digitise and use them. We can only accept images where the owner can grant us the right to use copies of them.
  • We will use donated images to promote the work and collections of Oxfordshire History Centre.
  • We will further improve public access by adding images to Picture Oxon.
  • All images are subject to a quality check. We reserve the right to reject images if:
    • we already have very similar pictures
    • The image is very under or over exposed
    • The image is obscured by a passing vehicle or street furniture
    • The image is otherwise considered inappropriate
  • If you wish to send electronic files then images should ideally meet these requirements:
    • (if scanned) - at a resolution of 600 dpi, scanned at the same size as the original image, and supplied in the TIFF or DNG file format.
    • (if original digital camera images) - ideally in the TIFF or DNG file formats, or in a proprietary camera raw format such as CRF, ORF, etc.
  • We would prefer electronic files to be sent on hard media — CD, DVD, or memory card, but it may also be possible to set up an online file share.
  • We can accept no liability for items sent in the post and strongly recommend that you arrange to bring material to Oxfordshire History Centre by appointment.

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